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Work Packages

We have identified 7 work-packages (WP1 to WP7) covering all the important activities. We provide below a graphical presentation of the components showing their interdependencies.
 Figure: graphical presentation of the work-packages showing their interdependencies


Work package leaders


Work package leaders and deliverable responsible for each partner have been assigned. WP leaders are:
  • WP1: Sebastien Marcel (IDIAP)
  • WP2: Javier Acedo (STARLAB)
  • WP3: Abdenour Hadid (UOULU)
  • WP4: Julian Fierrez (UAM)
  • WP5: Fabio Roli (UNICA)
  • WP6: Stéphane Revelin (MORPHO)
  • WP7: Emilio Mordini (CSSC)



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